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Louis Xiv

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Rigaud is conveying the image of King Louis XIV, as an absolute monarch in control. You can see this from the suggestion of haughtiness in the he's posing and the way he looks out at the viewer with directness. This would be a representational because it isn't smooth like marble, because it's oil it will rub off on your hand if you want to feel it and oil, of course, tends to fade over time. So just because you think it may be smooth by looking at it, it's a different feel when you touch or feel it, which Sayre talks about on page 19, The Physical Process of Seeing". There's definitely shallow space because the artist placed as if he's looking down at the viewer and you can see the light is on his face, side of his cloak and legs, which in my assumption, he's showing the viewer his best side. He's the focus. He's using costume appearance as a protocol to keep people busy. His shoes were specially made because, well he's short; He's 5'4. Despite his size, the scale of the artwork is huge. Louis XIV adopted the nickname "le Roi Sleil which the Sun King because he was the center of the universe. Like the phrase, "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" so he allowed his nobles benefits to keep them pacified but still maintained control over them to avoid rebellion. His hair and sword symbolizes power and nobility and the higher the hair, the more power a person has. His clothing is very stylish and elegant. It's a combination of white, blue and gold. He stands lavishly with his hand on his hip and his coronation robe thrown over his shoulder. Did you notice his legs and how feminine they are? I think that's why he intentionally had the robe thrown over his shoulder.

There is some use of tenebrism (painting in a "dark shadowy" manner) behind Louis XIV,

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