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Recent Unpopular Wars After Wwii and the Cold War

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During the War in Korea, the main intention was to gain South Koreas territory

and to stop the spread of Communism. The war never really ended even while the Peace

negotiations were currently happening. (Wikipedia) The war didn’t end till South Korea

gained back its territory. South Korea built it’s heavily armed border between their side

of the country and the North Koreans. The U.S. troops didn’t withdrawal from their

occupation in South Korea since the main intention’s to stop the communist spread and to

keep an eye one North Korea. There were heavy losses of American troops and the fight

was going back and forth with the front lines till they settle a border a couple of miles

above Seoul. This is the decision of the Conservatives to keep our troops and occupation

in South Korea due to the fact that North Korea would have intentions of attacking South

Korea. The U.S. would rather not pull their occupation from South Korea due to the fact

of the intentions of Communist spread. If North Korea takes over South Korea, it would

eventually take Japan, and not only that, they would be closer to the United States. Since

after the Cold War, they wouldn’t want the Communists to have ideas to start taking over

the U.S.

In the Vietnam War, It also involved the Communists getting involved in their

spread. It was unstable in Vietnam where cities and villages were terrorized, and taken

over by Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese forces. The attacks would eradicate

throughout South Vietnam. The U.S. gave support and aid to South Vietnam from heavy

and intensive guerilla warfare. The war came to a serious negotiation to end the war with

North Vietnam, the United States, and including South Vietnam. There were a high

number of U.S. casualties, and the exposure of U.S. involvement in war crimes such as

the massacre at My Lai helped to turn many people in the United States against the war.

The peace agreement was reached and signed on January 27, of 1973. That says to

provide the end of hostilities, the withdrawal of U.S. and the allied troops,

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