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Russian Revolution Essay

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        Firstly, Lenin’s ideology was not based off Karl Marx’s ideology of Communism. Karl Marx proposed the idea that the worker-class would rise up and overthrow the middle-class. But in Lenin’s sight they needed a leader to guide them to accomplish it. This makes a great deal of problems as Communism is based off equality and if you have a leader it does not make everyone equal. Another problem you have is that in Lenin’s view, the government owns all the resources and production. But in Communism the people own everything and share it amongst each other. This means that the government has complete control over the people, getting rid of equality. Lenin’s government also distributed wealth to the people based off productive efforts. In Communism however everyone got equal pay no matter the amount of effort they put in, making the idea very different from Lenin’s ideology. Therefore, because Lenin’s government had a leader, owned all the resources, and that wealth was distributed based off effort, shows that Bolshevik’s idea of Communism does not resemble Karl Marx’s ideology.

        Secondly, the whole revolution was just a trick so that Russia could achieve a state capitalist society and dictatorship. Lenin wanted to get the people to vote for him, so he blandished his words when he presented his ideology. He made it sound very profitable to the worker-class by saying they will overrule the middle-class and because of this, they sided with him. The problem is that it is very hard to achieve Communism without a leader of sorts as every person is different. There must be someone in charge to handle business with the country such as: nuclear weapons, military and external affairs. However, Lenin also wanted Russia to achieve a state capitalism. A state capitalism is where the government owns all the production of goods and resources and distributes them based to their likings. It is very difficult to have a society where the people own all the produce and resources as there will always be people that will take extra for themselves and not split it evenly. This is because the human nature is very selfish and greedy; you can’t change that. So, because of the way that the idea of Communism usually leads to a state capitalist society and dictatorship, shows that Lenin was trying to fool the people with his blandished words.

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