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Slavery Is Freedom

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"Slavery is Freedom"

The world government in Brave New World (BNW) is decidedly totalitarian. Alphas predetermine all aspects of the citizens' life, from simple details such as their dress to the more complicated, such as their role in economic society. Indeed, obsolescing viviparous birth and replacing it with the mass-produced, Bokanovskyfied ectogenesis of fetuses left only room for people as their need arose; however, their need was only apparent in their use. This utilitarian view infiltrates the direction of society in BNW thus, each individuals' choices are subjugated to fulfill social predestination. The paramount value of BNW's society is happiness hence the social predestination through the control of the biological, economic, social, and cultural development of all citizens. The freedom of BNW's citizenry is its slavery; social convention coerces each individuals choices as "every one works for every one else." The World State saw the reorganization of the state to integrate into it the practices of the economy. By controlling government and business the new state was an unstoppable apparatus of control.

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