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World Religons

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Religion is a big factor of life. It makes the world of what it is today. If we did not have a religion, our world would be very different and maybe have a lot of difficulties. Religion is the belief in and worship of a personal God or gods. The three religions are Christianity Confucianism, and Judaism. All of these religions have a belief in only one god.

Christianity is a religion of one god and the founder of Christianity is Jesus. An aspect of Christianity are their customs. Prayer and worship are their customs . Prayer and worship are there main customs. Prayer is when Christ would urge his disciples to pray as often as possible. It shows all their needs and to be grateful. Worship is where Christians traditionally worship and gather on Sundays, they sing, praise, and study the bible of the LORD. Another aspect is their beliefs. Teachings is their most important, the central teachings of traditional christianity is that Jesus is the son of God. Important holidays of christianity are Christmas and Lent, there the most important of all of the holidays. Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Lent is when christians are tempered with joyful anticipation of the resurrection of jesus. Therefor christianity is the biggest and most world spread religion.

Confucianism is a belief in one god named Tao, the founder of Confucianism is Kangzi. One of the customs that confucianism has is you can become a confusion by just declaring so. Therefor, to be a confucian, you have to see everyone and everything as equal. is they will go to the elders of the family, knocking their head on the ground in a Kowtow, and They have traditions such as the children and mandarin oranges. The tradition for the children will receive money. The mandarin tradition is that when you eat the mandarin orange is a sign of hope for the coming new year. The confucian important holidays are the Chinese New Year and the Passing Year. For the Chinese New Year, people shut down everything for almost a whole month and make red cards and decorate their houses with them. For the Passing Year is when people see each other the next day or soon after would congratulate each other for living another day.

Judaism is a religion with one god named Yahweh, the founder of Judaism is moses. An important aspect of Judaism is their beliefs. The Hebrew bible studies such those about God, the messiah,

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