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A Musical Continuation

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                                                                                Dudley 1                                

Aubree Dudley


Pre-Ap Literature

‎18 ‎January, ‎2016

        A Musical Continuation

        A tradition is what makes a family .Despite all the differences,and all the similarities , it`s the one thing that trumps it all.Every family comes together over something.For my family it`s over the melody that comes pouring from the ivories of a piano.

        This tradition has impacted many aspects of my personality,and has made me who i am today.I have always gone to music as a crutch.I was not taught how to play the piano,it just came naturally and it plays into the creative aspect of my personality.I am not the only one in my family with this talent.I grew up around music so it`s expected for me to have picked up a thing or two.

        Music has always been at the root of my family`s culture.My grandmother on my mother`s side had a piano that i played everytime i visited her,and she lived really close to a church,so close that on sunday you could hear the chior sing,and hear the organ playing.My father`s sister was in her school`s band she played the trumpet,and now she play`s the piano.We express ourselves in everything we do to pthe point where everything music becomes a second nature.

        In a way i could be symbolized by a piano.If you press the right keys in a perfect sequence ,you`ll hear everything you want to hear and more.If you don`t know the right keyes to press or you dont know how to feelings flow through the instrument,you`ll recieve something not as pleasing ,something wretched.My family they could be interpreted as the keys some are low pitched and serious,some are high pitched and goofy,and some are in the middle they can be serious when they have to but they can have fun also.My culture isn`t catergorized nor can it be catergorized.My roots are wild,unpredictive,you`ll never know what your gonna get.

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