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Arguing a Position

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Riley Carroll

Writing 101

Professor Anderson

Arguing a Position


        What does it mean to go to college? There are several different answers to this question. Some people have no reason to go to college and some people really want to go to college. Going to college can help a student become more confident about something they want to do for the rest of their lives. Not going to college can lead to people going to the military or joining the work force sooner than later.  The purpose of college is to help a student figure out a plan, find a well-paying job for son’s future, and figure out something someone can be passionate about for the rest of someone’s life. Many people have different reasons to going to college, but it is all a preference on what the person would like to do. College has many perks, but also has many disadvantages. Personally, I think college is a choice that someone must make. It is the normal stereotype for people to go to college because that is what everybody is “supposed” to do.

        One important reason to go to college is to figure a plan. What this means is to get someone’s priorities in the right direction. A problem that could occur is not knowing what a student would want to do for the rest of your life. It will take time but once someone does it will make college worth it for several reasons. It will help create a future for a somebody that could impact you greatly. College can make a student a better person. “To get an education, you’re probably going to have to fight against the institution that you find yourself in—no matter how prestigious it may be.” Said by Mark Edmundson.  Education truly can define who someone is and who they will become. It doesn’t matter what university or college someone goes to, but it will help to be happy where someone is.

        Another reason to get a degree is to find a well-paying job that will help a student’s future life.  Having a well-paying job and steady work ethic can go along way with helping someone get through college. Having a job during college will help pay for things they need and will help someone become able to deal with hard tasks in the future. Such as multitasking which can create problems that could make a student’s grades drop and such. Once a student realizes how to deal with all the pressure and such, it will help benefit in the long run because they will be good in certain situations that maybe the other person can’t do.” Education is about finding out what form of work for you is close to being play—work you do so easily that it restores you as you go.” Said by Mark Edmundson, This quote helps realize if someone wants to do the work you will succeed and do well. It is hard to do things but when someone puts their mind to it anything is possible.

        Finally, college is an opportunity to have someone figure out what they are passionate about, to help make decisions. College may not be all it is hyped up for, but it does have its benefits. College will make somebody feel passionate about something that will make yourself turn to something more important and create a great future for oneself. The best part of college is meeting the people around in everyday things. Meeting new people can lead to new opportunities that could be beneficial in future endeavors. “Having found what’s best for you to do, you may be surprised how far you rise, how prosperous, even against your own projections, you become.” Said by Mark Edmundson, This quote tells someone how good college can be when you do the right things. In some cases, not everything that someone will do will be the best ideas but that is okay because everything happens for a reason. College can prepare you for certain things but not all the time they will be the right things.

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