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Class Captain Speech

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Good morning/afternoon Teachers and my fellow students, I stand here before you to prove to you why I will be a great principle... oh wait, I mean 7A’s class captain of 2016

I realise that it is a privilege to have the honour but I am confident that I will be a suitable contestant. I promise to work hard to be the effective captain that you will be proud of. I will uphold and obey all the rules and expectations to become the leader you can all look up to…or down to. Whichever comes first because I’m so short.

I will assist teachers and students in any way possible to the best of my abilities. I will always be respectful, responsible, honest, trustworthy and reliable. I will always treat everyone equally and aim to live in harmony with one another. I will always take my responsibility seriously and always with a smile.

The job of a captain is not just about a badge or having the power to present assemblies or a board that has your name written on it but an opportunity to display your pride in your school especially of your teachers and fellow students. The job demands time, effort, enthusiasm and most of all, the ability to lead. I believe I possess all these qualities and if not I am more than willing to learn them in the process. I promise to dedicate myself to serving the school and especially you, my fellow students. So please vote for me and show your trust in me and I promise I will not let you down. Thank you for listening to my speech and I really hope you remember it whilst you’re on camp and voting. VOTE FOR ME, VOT FOR ME TO BE YOUR CLASS CAPTAIN

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