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Class President Speech

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Class President Speech

Hello, my name is (insert name) , and I'm running for class president. You may know me for my incoherent rambling and mad (insert activity) skills, but what I am here today to discuss with you has nothing to do with those wonderful qualities. I'm here to discuss fun, and more importantly, money.

What, as the class of (insert class year), have we done for fun this year? You are correct! Nothing! And what funds have we raised for (insert activity)? Nada! I, (insert name), should be voted Class President next year because I have ideas out the wazoo on how we can have fun AND make money for our very own (insert activity)! And, not only do I have ideas of my own, I will listen to yours. Your minds and mine, together, can help make our class go down in history as the best (insert class)

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