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Coach Carter Essay

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One of the lessons that the film “Coach Carter” teaches is that respect is essential to success. Although the film had a variety of life lessons and main ideas, I wanted to focus in this one. Respect is very crucial part of life. Without respect, there would be problems all around the world. In this essay you will read about how respect was one of the main ideas in the film.

When Coach Carter first met the team, he made one thing clear, “We will respect each other”. In this case, respect leads to success because as a team, you have to respect one another in some way, shape, or form. In my opinion, respect is the key to being successful. When a teammate doesn't respect another, that can be tough. For example, say if two team members had a problem, maybe one of them won't pass the other one the ball during a game and that can lead to all different types of problems. With one teammate not respecting the other, this caused the team to be unsuccessful . No respect.. No success.

Another reason why respect is essential to success is because after coach got to meet the team and be around them, he started to pick up on how the boys would speak to each other. They would use foul language and racial slang. This made the coach very upset, from then on the coach made the boys start addressing him as “Sir”. By calling each other and the coach “Sir”, the team will give and receive the equal amount of respect they deserve. Just think, if you had a team going around calling each other “bitch”, or “asshole” you never know what could happen. When you have a large group of people who equally respect one another, you will have a successful team. A team with

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