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Effective Management in Business

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What does it mean to be an effective manager in a diverse workplace? This question is enormous in scope since the business environment is dynamic in its nature. For some people, an effective manager is someone who is successful in his field. Some people also say that an effective manager is someone who works hard and communicates with his employees even when the business is going through a hard time. There is an endless list of qualities and skills that a manager requires to be effective among his team. These skills are acquired over a long period of time with hard work and dedication towards your team and the business. The relationship between the manager and the subordinates acts as a pillar of a business. In this essay, I aim to answer the widely asked question and talk about the responsibilities and skills required to be an effective manager in a diverse workplace.

Effective Management is vital for any team since losing motivation, enthusiasm and will to work is quite often in any dynamic workplace.  Here is the list of key attributes that are essential for every manager in a diverse workplace.                                                                                                                                             1. Communication: For managing a team, a manager has to perform the vital role of communicating with its employees on day to day basis. The important activities and responsibilities should be clearly stated to its employees by the manager. A manager is required to be a strong communicator. There is a growth in relationship between a manager and his/her employee through a smooth flow of communication. Strong communication does not only refer to manager and his/her employee but also to an employee and his/ her fellow employee. It is the duty of a manager to encourage employees to talk with each other and grow between themselves. The smooth flow of communication is vital in every business on the way to success.                                                                                                                                        2. Decision Making: The important and vital decisions of a business should be analysed and taken carefully. These decisions may result in change of environment for employees which is hard and uneasy. It is the sole task of a manager to make the best possible decisions for his/her employees. The manager is entitled to make decisions which have the best possible outcome to both the business and the employees. Poor decisions or lack of decision making might lead to loss of confidence and hard work among the workers.                                                                         3. Faith in the employees: An effective manager is responsible to trust his/her employees. This trust will help the employees to reach their potential and work hard towards the goals of a business. The manager is entitled to encourage the workers to express their own opinions and views. This will encourage the workers since they feel that their opinions and views are valued. An effective manager must distribute tasks to its employees and make sure that they too are engaged efficiently in important management issues. Time management is very important attribute required for an effective manager.                                                          4. Motivation: An effective manager has the job of motivating the employees to reach their maximum potential. It is in the human nature that they get bored and lose the will to work doing the same job again and again.  Hence, it is the responsibility of a manager to motivate the workers. The employees can be motivated through different motivation schemes. Promotion can be used as a motivation tool.  Job security can also be used as a weapon of motivation. Incentives in the form of rewards and increase in salary also motivates the workers to perform well. It is the duty of a manager to motivate the employees towards the goals of a business through different motivational schemes.                                                                                  5. Inspiration to the team: An effective manager is someone who is an inspiration to his/her team. The manager must prove his/her skills and share knowledge among the employees. An effective manager must protect the team by taking full credit of success and failures. An effective manager shares the success and absorbs the failures of his/her team. Employees are looking for a manager that they can look up to and feel secure. An effective manager must be an example of inspiration to his/her employees.

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