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Garbage Man

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Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Garbage, that’s the thing they always call me. Ridiculous, there always some losers think that they were a cut above others.I’m different,I don’t care how people regard me, I live for myself not for them. Whatever ,my name is LeiSei, if you have the same feeling as me in this world: bored, confused,pessimistic,irritable, got intense emotional want to torture someone in a slowly way,to see how it screaming ,struggle , bleed white and enjoy it’s despairing in the air , if you were strongly agreeing with what I just said,please point the “x”on the top right corner,it’s not the right story for you to read,live on a better life ,you deserve it. But,if you didn’t have any feelings like me, sky is blue and life is bright. Then congratulations, it’s just another terrible story for you to read.

Some blood red liquid dropped from the top of my left middle finger,oh wait, it’s not just on my hands, it’s everywhere, my shirt, backpack and all over the ground, blood and earth mix together into a gross mixture. There’s a dead body lying on the ground. I can’t recognize who he is. It’s too dark here. I searched everywhere for my gun, at last I found it insert into the earth beside to a dead man.

“What have I done........”I soliloquize with remorse “ What have I done! What have I done? No, no, NO, NO! !”

Jackson street 7152 GUPD

OK, let’s make a short self-introduction, LeiSei it’s my name, I am a cop , sure, The moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to be a good cop, I used to be the victim of violence, I know how bad it feels like. From that day, I decide to be a policeman, from that day, my dad had left me forever.

“Hey, Lei which on are you talking to?” that’s my partner detective Marcos. We have been partnering for 3 years, he’s a quick -wilted young man with a strong sense of justice.

“none, son, ” I reply “about that star park serial murder case, do you want to add something?”

“nope, obvious, that man is the killer.” Marcos speaks with an Affirmative tone, he still a lot to learn.

“ Oh! It’s 5:30. I still got a date. Mary will kill me.”

“Ha, go, enjoy your life, if my son still alive, he would be the same age as you do. You know you are still very young, enjoy your life. Don’t be regretful when you are o---”I still want to talk but Marcos interrupted me.

“Ok, Ok, I know Papa,do you want some coffee, let’s drink the last cup of today, I told you the coffee in the felony division is the best of the whole Police Department. ”

“no, I rather for a good sleep” I reply with a yawn.

“hu-! Old man~”Marcos whistled.


“Ha, Ha, ha”Marcos leaves with a big victory gesture. I almost put him as my son and he knows that.

Hyde park my home

“di!Di!Di!” my car is screaming, when I came close , I see how bad it is, all the windows have broken, glass fragments are all over the ground, there’s a word have been written on the hood with red oil paint “go to hell! You Mother fucker!”.

“Jesus,” I pull out my gun and called 911“it’s the only thing my wife leave for me,”

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“police number Hp-28...... ” “it’s you! Old grandpa. I have heard that you are going to race the chief with captain Frey.... ”

         “stop! Hear Eric, there’s someone break into my home. Bring some cops here.”

Suddenly, A break sound of glass comes from the back yard, I hung up my phone“caught you, your xxx” and start to chase him.

“what! Hey Lei! Hey!” Eric stands in his office with confused but he knows that Lei must have found something. So he still sent some cops to his place.

I rush in to my back yard and saw a black shadow flash very fast and ran into the forest behind. “stop, GUPD!You are suspected of thievery(crime).” no one replies. The only human made sound is my wheeze. I am too old to run this fast, how long have been passed since I was chasing criminal at this last time? Winter wind went across crown, made the sound seem like laughing at me. I followed him into the forest but when I rush into the forest for a while, I found out that I have already lost him. Before I realized, I have reached too far from my home. light started to run out. I watch shows it’s almost 7. Sun goes down, I should be home. At the moment I thought I will never see that guy anymore but he appears again, this time I can see him completely, Leather coat; Loose khaki pants;A gray cap mantled his blond hair; a huge mask covered his face and the most important thing is there is an Expandable Baton in his hand. I pull out my gun and point at him

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