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Lord of the Flies Piggy Analysis

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Piggy Character Analysis

Piggy in the beginning of the book was using his common sense, he was intelligent, he knew what was right from wrong, and he could condone things that made him angry easily. In the beginning of the book, (pg. ) Ralph told everyone his name was Piggy even though Piggy specifically told Ralph that he didn't like to be called that name Piggy later condoned Ralph's action with great ease. Piggy's action's and behavior depended on his glasses. Piggy and his glasses symbolized intelligence, he represents the rational side of civilization. With the glasses it seemed as though Piggy made all the right choices, and he helped Ralph know what needed to be done with the tribe. Without his glasses Piggy couldn't see i.e, Piggy was useless without his glasses.

Dramatic changes occurred after the tribe killed Simon.(pg. ) Savage Piggy blamed the murder on Simon himself for crawling around at night. But civil Piggy would have blamed the murder on the boys and himself and would have brought it up constantly. By the end of the book piggy was not what he was in the begging he changed dramatically from being loquacious about what he knew to being loquacious and just rabbling.

Piggy fits into the theme of intellectual aspect of civilization because he was the one who thought of coming up with rules/ norms. (Pg. ) He also brought the civilization of england onto the island. If Piggy had not been on the island I think the book would have been different. The characters in the book would have been less civilized in the beginning, rather then gradually civilization wearing off. Piggy in my mind was born neutral and was thought good. Piggy was always talking about his aunt, and what she taught him. e.g., “My auntie told me not to run on account of my asthma.” (pg. )

The common virtues Piggy had were; self-discipline i.e., he knew what was right from wrong, self-reliance i.e.,

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