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The Most Dangerous Game

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Channel 4 news-

Famous hunter becomes the hunted

        Channel 4 news getting you the scoop. After Mr. Rainsford fell off his Yacht in the Caribbean he was washed up onto shiptraped island, said to be cursed by some of the natives. Like a sack of potatoes, he was washed upon the shore and some time he said he ran into the chateau of former general to the Russian Tsardom, General Zaroff and his henchman Ivan. After a meal Rainsford finds out the the General i9s hunting humans as if they were animals and he’s his next victim. He was sent out into the wilderness and had to survive for three days to survive against the Generals wolf like sense. Rainsford after running away for a day and almost getting caught in a tree decides to fight back by making his own trap such as the “Burmese tiger trap” and the “Maylan man trap”, the first one only killed a dog and the second one merely just grazed the general. After running for quite some time he manages to kill Ivan, but the general was left alive once more as if he was magical. Rains for was cornered on a cliff and jumped into the murky waters. The general though he was dead, but little did he know Rainsford was swimming vigorously to the general’s chateau. When the general came home and went into his bedroom he was surprised when he found Rainsford hidden in his drapes. The general and Rainsford fought and after that Rainsford fell asleep ‘in the generals’ bed he said, “it was the best sleep I’ve ever had.”

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