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1984 Summary, and Discussion Q’s

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If you are interested in a book written in the 40's trying to describe what the future is like, George Orwell's 1984 is the book for you. The main character is living in the year 1984 in the city of Oceania. The government of Oceania rules all parts of every citizen's lives. They call the government "Big Brother". In this book the main character Winston writes in a journal even though it is illegal to think you own opinions. People in this city can not even make facial expressions that may be trying to hide a certain thought. Winston has lived, as a child, in a non totalitarian ruled society. This was before a major war and Winston can remember what it was like barley. Throughout the book, Winston tries to find out what Oceania was like before this type of government was instated.

Discussion Questions:

1. Would you sacrifice freedom for safety?

2. Do

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