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A Strategic Approach to Construction Project Scheduling

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Title: A strategic approach to construction project scheduling                                                                              

Author: Jason Ruddle                                                                      Name: Akhilesh Prajapati  

Source:                        Date Submitted: March 1, 2018

Date of Article: October 1, 2015                                                                    Article Review #7

              Each project has a construction schedule. Not exclusively does the schedule diagram how rapidly the function will complete, it additionally plots how the work will complete. The schedule characterizes the sequence and strategy in which the materials will be set up. In this manner, the prior the schedule is put on paper (or PC screen, tablet, and so on.) and conveyed to the undertaking group, the better it would be for the organization. Commercial construction is an intense, complex business. There are truly huge amounts of moving parts to any sizable activity – building materials, excavation, lifts and cranes, concrete trucks etc. In the event that those things appear to the activity past the point of no return, your firm could free efficiency and cash with missed target rewards and late fines. Too soon and you at that point need to locate a safe place to store the things without them acting as a burden. On the off chance that that is rental gear, despite everything you need to pay for the days it sits sit without moving. The same is valid for subcontractors. Your firm will regularly need to pay for their chance whether the region for them to work is prepared or not.With such a great amount of question, construction firms need to exploit each chance to be focused. .One of the ways numerous organizations are enhancing their operational productivity and overall profitability is through better project scheduling and management. Firms that build up a key way to deal with on-time work conveyance are better ready to move every one of those parts to where they should be, when they need to be there. Furthermore, it can help guarantee work completes according to specifications (Ruddle, 2015).

                  To summarize the familiar maxim, when your firm continues doing likewise it has constantly done, you can expect a comparative outcome. In the event that that the norm implies not as much as perfect undertaking controls, you will probably observe not as much as perfect results, including:

  • Costly mix-ups on the job site.
  • Lack of visibility with little or no warning into potential scheduling problems.
  • Possible late penalties and risk of litigation.
  • "Scope creep" due to design errors or client requested changes that cannot be rebilled.
  • And, unhappy clients.

- A better way for construction project scheduling: In this article it is clarified that if your project manager can send their group and subcontractors all the more productively, your firm will experience:

-Lessened expenses with the less extra time required, fewer charges for rental hardware not utilized, and less potential for harm or theft of stored materials.

-Increased managerial visibility with real-time project status updates to help spot problems early and find solutions using if/then modeling to determine the need for additional staffing (and subsequent change orders).

-Better pricing of future projects by establishing standard times for common job sequences (e.g. rough-in plumbing).

-Improved client communications to keep the client informed of progress.

-Enhanced documentation to support claims in the event of contract disputes and/or litigation.

-More consistent cash flow as your firm is able to bill for the portion of work that can be proven to be complete (Ruddle, 2015).

In this article Jason Ruddle explained how to establish a strategic PM approach: It is said that once you've settled on the choice to get strategic about your association's project scheduling and controls, the initial step ought to be to characterize a procedure that works for your group going ahead. Consider your project scheduling objectives (e.g. better asset arranging), the parts of different colleagues, estimation and advance audit focuses, and forms for dealing with change requests and resource imperatives. This article also ensures to make sure to get senior administration purchase in to guarantee that the execution of the new plan is an authoritative need. Part affiliations like Construction Management Association of America and the Associated Builders and Contractors can give an extra introduction on the critical path scheduling and best practice tips on setting up your association's project scheduling process. The recently settled process ought to be connected reliably an on each project the organization embraces. Construction project scheduling program devices can help encourage this implementation.One of the most imperative factors in choosing a framework is usability. Numerous are genuinely broad in their approach and can be utilized to deal with any type of project (e.g. Microsoft Project) while others are construction industry particular. As indicated by Jason if your firm is doing complex forms, it likely bodes well to utilize a device made particularly for the construction industry. To guarantee better utilization, search for a tool that gives your group the usefulness required without being excessively "techie" or complex. Having a clear process in place and asking some key questions, such as the following, can also help you find the balance of features and flexibility that works for your team:

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