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Bad Bunny Bruce - Free Write

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This is an EAR-ie-ie tale of mutilation and ravaging by a cholactulavor, a very deranged bunny named Bruce the EARie.

Bad bunny Bruce was a very troubled bunny. He did not like hopping happily and cutely chewing marshmallow carrots like the other chocolate bunnies. He was a closet choco-a-holic. He craved, nay he was obsessed with the most delicious chocolate EAR nibbles imaginable. Bad bunny Bruce would lurk in doorways and ambush unsuspecting happily hopping bunnies on their way to the packaging bureau.

All good chocolate bunnies would go to the bureau of packaging before Easter to be wrapped in colorful boxes for shipment to good little boy's and girl's Easter goodie baskets. Peter Cottontail and all the other Easter Bunny bureaucrats would oversee the packaging to be sure that only the best and most complete chocolate bunnies would be sent out to gladden the hearts of the good little boy's and girl's.

Peter noticed a lot of rejects, poor mutilated bunnies coming to the bureau of packaging and boxing offices complaining of the lightening like attack's of bad bunny Bruce.

This has to stop said Peter, and he set out to solve the problem with an order form the bureau of this and that, ordering bad bunny Bruce to cease and desist.

Bad bunny Bruce was smacking his lips, and licking his chops from the results of his last attack when Peter hopped in front of him and presented him

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