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Essay title: Free Write

Through time the culture of a country changes. For America the culture has changed dramatically throughout the generations. Sex, sexual orientation, and even how people are supposed to act are all advertised and that therefore directly affects the certain culture for that time. In the more early chapters of advertising woman and men both had specific and unique places in advertisement; men were viewed as the bread winners. They were always in charge and took the dominant position when they were placed in advertisements. Women were always depicted as housewives. They always were in the shadow of a man and never took the dominant position.

As America grew and people’s culture affected America’s in general things changed. Rights were being won. A new and more diverse America was being formed and with a new America came a new culture. During the war with men being at war advertisements started showing woman running the house hold. They were the only ones featured in the advertisements and not all of them were about house cleaning products this time. When the men came back they showed more a family setting with both the woman and the men sharing the “spotlight” in the advertisement. Ever since that advertising has changed rapidly.

Now advertising is mostly about sex. Women stereotypes have changed. They are more advertised more sexual then they used to be. With such ads as Louis Vouitton woman are viewed as strong and independent. There are no men present. They are also depicted as extremely sexual.

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