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Care Plan

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Nursing Diagnosis: (NANDA + etiology/related factors + defining characteristics) NIC(s) & Nursing Interventions NOC(s) & Nursing-Sensitive Outcome Indicators (NSOI) (Include Ratings) Evaluation (Measurement of NSOI - rating and modification)

Risk for self-mutilation r/t prior history of cutting oneself.

S: "I am here for my anger"

"I have thoughts of suicide and tried to act on it once"

"I tried cutting myself once but it was nothing that really hurt me"

"I still have some thoughts of suicide or cutting myself"

O: Read hand written notes about death

Wearing long sleeves so could not see any evidence of cutting


Behavior Modification




RN will encourage substitution of undesirable habits with desirable habits.

RN will introduce patient to groups or people who have successfully undergone the same experience.

RN will encourage patient to examine own behavior.

RN will help patient identify the behavior to be changed in specific, concrete terms.

RN will help patient break down behavior to be changed into smaller, measurable units of behavior.

RN will help patient to develop a method for recording behavior and its changes.

RN will instruct patient to administer reinforcers promptly after a behavior occurs. NOC:

Impulse Self-Control


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