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Sammy De Simone De Simone I

Mrs. Unruh

English 2

16 December 2005


My family has a very special Christmas tradition. All my family which is about 25 people, all get together at my house on Christmas eve at 5 o'clock. We have food which consists of seafood, homemade gnocchi's, stromboli, kielbasa, pasta, and lots of homemade cookies and desserts that my family makes around the Christmas holidays.

After everybody comes we all catch up on what everybody has been up to and then we eat dinner. After dinner and things settle down we open presents. Since we have such a large family we do a grab bag and it is a lot of fun because everybody is surprised when they see who had them.

After the opening of presents my nana makes coffee and everyone relaxes with there coffee, tea and desserts. Me and my cousins play pool and have a poker tournament while listening to

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