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Clark Howard: How to Save Money and Etc.

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Discussion Two:

Now I wasn't big on this idea when I heard it but I said whatever afterward. McDonalds has been under the radar for being blamed for causing obesity among children (even I don't really think it's their faults but whatever). Clark agreed and stated that McDonalds doesn't force people to eat its food, but that the people, preferably children, choose to eat the food. But of course since McDonalds loves to see you smile and not get fat the company is planning to open its doors to the public. If a customer wants a tour of the building, the staff in the restaurant is required to walk the customers through the kitchen, showing them how everything is cooked and cleaned. I didn't catch the point of this, but personally I think its stupid, but hey, that's just me. Clark himself seemed to wonder if it's a good idea to watch as your food is being prepared, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! Who knows, it might please some, it might not.

Discussion Three:

I had walked out of my room when I started listening to this so I didn't hear it all, but all I really heard was about the changes in open enrollment and getting your open enrollment benefits package at work, that is if you have a job, in the next couple weeks hopefully. I think I heard that this is also the time when you decide whether you are going to contribute to a 401-k plan, how much you're going to contribute to it, and if you are actually going to take out life insurance or not. That's all I managed to get as I have forgotten the rest. Sorry.

Discussion Four:

This discussion was about what kinda of card is safe to use overseas. It was stated that the best company to use is Capital one. Why? Because Capital One charges no fees right now when you use your credit card overseas. There are two other companies allow you to use your ATM for free overseas. I didn't get a chance to hear the names but that the companies named are free also.

Discussion Five:

I hope

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