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Classroom Management

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Eden V. Ubasa


                Classroom management is widely viewed by most educators, as the number one concern in schools. Although teachers, administrators, and students use the term classroom management frequently, it is not synonymous with discipline. Essentially, classroom management refers to a collection of organizational goals centered on using time wisely to maximize learning and on maintaining a safe classroom environment that is conducive to student learning. This could be encapsulated in a framework presented by Martin, Yin, and Baldwin (1998)-instructional management, people management and behavior management.

                Instructional management includes components, such as monitoring seatwork, structuring daily routines, and allocating materials. The methods used to manage these tasks could contribute to classroom climate and teacher management styles. It is always mentioned to contextualize or localize learning materials that are realistic and apt to the level of competency of learners. This component of classroom management reflects the resiliency of the teacher in employing appropriate materials in class.

                Behavior management is similar to, but different than discipline in that it focuses on preplanned means of preventing misbehavior rather than the teacher’s reaction to it. This aspect of classroom management includes: setting rules, establishing a reward structure, and providing opportunities for student input. The teacher’s classroom orientation on the first day of class responds to this purpose. Moreover, parents are also informed of specific behavioral regulations and preventive measures so as to widen the scope of responsibility. Students and parents are thus informed of the sanctions to any untoward behavior done in school. However, the focus is now shifted to positive reinforcement just like removing class standing giving everybody a chance to gain academic distinctions.

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