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Dept Homeland Security Budget Review of Fy 2013

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Vanessa Smrekar
Week 6: DHS FY 2013 Budget in Brief

Purpose / Agenda 

DHS 2013 budget will focus on initiatives to cut costs, share resources, consolidate and streamline operations. The goal is to preserve core frontline priorities by redirecting resources from administrative and mission support areas instead towards mission-critical initiatives across the Department while also providing essential support to national and economic security.


Vision Statement

In the next 5 years—DHS will enhance our ability to prevent terrorism and transnational crime, strengthen ability to leverage resources of our international partners, increase efficiently and cost-effectively secure global trade and travel through international collaboration and decrease federal post disaster funding ensuring a stronger economy and safer homeland.

Mission Statement 
The Department of Homeland Security will lead the unified national effort to prevent, protect and respond to terrorist attacks, threats and hazards for a more safe, secure and resilient homeland and support national and economic security.

Value Statements

  1.  We will continue to ensure taxpayer dollars are managed with integrity, diligence, and accuracy, and that the systems and processes used for all aspects of financial management demonstrate the highest level of accountability and transparency
  2.  During a crisis event, DHS Components must be resilient, prepared, and ready to respond to the full spectrum of “all hazards” emergencies while continuing to perform mission-essential functions
  3. A safe and secure homeland requires that we secure our air, land, and sea borders.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Border and transportation security through   strengthening cargo, aviation, and supply chain security to joint investigations, information sharing, and science and technology cooperation.
  2. Protecting critical infrastructure and key assets using Risk-Based Security for the Transportation Environment
  3. Emergency preparedness and response through2013 National Preparedness Grant Program.

Mission 2: Secure and Manage Our Borders 

"Border and transportation security is the largest homeland security mission undertaken by DHS.  Almost 70 percent of the President’s budget request for the department’s homeland security activities in 2013 ($24.6 billion) was for that mission. The agencies within DHS tasked with border and transportation security—Customs and Border Protection ($10.2 billion), the Transportation Security Administration ($7.7 billion), Immigration and Customs Enforcement ($3.0 billion), and the Coast Guard ($3.3 billion)—accounted for almost all of the homeland security funds provided for those activities. Border and transportation security is the sole homeland security mission for three of those agencies" (

Goal 1: Secure U.S. Air, Land, and Sea Borders and Approaches;

Goal 2: Safeguard and Expedite Lawful Trade and Travel;

Goal 3 : Disrupt and Dismantle Transnational Criminal Organizations and Other Illicit Actors. Below are some of the measurable ways to accomplish those goals:

  1. CBP officers deployed overseas at major international seaports as a part of the Container Security Initiative prescreen shipping containers to detect and interdict illicit material before arrival on U.S. shores.
  2. CBP officers and agents work at foreign and domestic locations to prevent cross-border smuggling of contraband such as controlled substances, weapons of mass destruction, and illegal or diseased plants and animals.
  3. CBP personnel also work to prevent and intercept the illegal export of U.S. currency or other monetary instruments, stolen goods, and strategically sensitive technologies.
  4. Through the Immigration Advisory Program, CBP deploys officers overseas to interdict criminals and persons of national security interest, and disrupt attempts to enter the U.S. with fraudulent documents.
  5. CBP has significantly developed its intelligence and targeting efforts to separate shipments and individuals according to the risks they pose, allowing CBP to increase security while simultaneously expediting legitimate travel and commerce.

Budget – allocate the budgeted money over a 1 to 2 year period.
FY 2013 Percent of Total Budget Authority by Organization $59,032,346,000
 "About 90 percent of that 2013 funding would be concentrated in four departments: DHS, the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Department of Justice (DOJ). The remainder of homeland security funding is spread among the 11 other Cabinet-level departments and 16 agencies" (

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