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Homeland Security

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Essay title: Homeland Security

Homeland Security

When we pause to think about all that has happened in years past, we truly are lucky. The purpose of this paper is to define and give detailed information about Homeland Security in the United States. I hope to inform people as to why we constantly live in fear. I will give detailed information about what the government is doing to solve this problem. Also I will give possible solutions to our current predicament, based on extensive research and knowledge.

Homeland Security is a relatively new agency that was created by the president, because of the terrorist attacks on America. President George W. Bush vows to never let an attack happen to America again. Therefore he created the office or agency, of Homeland Security. This group is backed by director of this group is ex-senator Tom Ridge. George W. Bush specifically appointed him. This group watches Americans and the world extremely closely (Security, a top priority in new budget). The mission statement of this group is to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce America's vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage and recover from attacks that do occur (Homeland Security Actions). The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for securing our nation's borders and transportation systems, they manage who and what enters our homeland and work to prevent the entry of terrorists and the instruments of terrorism while ensuring the speedy flow of legitimate traffic (White House Online). Many dubious terrorist groups and organizations are under a microscopic viewpoint from the group of Homeland Security.

Terrorist attacks on America have sparked a national fear that many people face daily. People live in fear for a variety of reasons. Scores of Americans fear traveling abroad, flying, and people of Middle Eastern decent (The Attack on America: September 11, 2001). There is unfairness towards people of the Islam religion, and people who are of Middle Eastern decent. This is wrong. Just because a strong-minded group of people attacked innocent civilians to prove a political point and spark fear in millions does not mean we should discriminate on those people. But because of these attacks on America there have been many different security changes made, in the hopes to improve our safety. Such as at airports, the military was placed as security in the airports. This was the first time that the military could be placed in airports. They offer extra-security to the already existing security guards (Newsweek). Many Americans fear a war with Iraq because they are afraid that Sadaam Hussein is a fanatical man who will stop at nothing to hurt the United States again. These have had negative effects not only on America but its neighbors also (Border Disorder). The decline of the airline industry has greatly affected the economy, not only in America but abroad. Many jobs in the American workforce are directly affected by the tragedy. Therefore if one falls the rest do also. Simple put, a decline in airplane sales has caused many businesses, which depend on airplane passengers, go under (Degree of Danger). The unemployment rate is the highest it’s ever been. This is all the result of a determined group of people with one primary objective. Their objective was to wreak havoc to innocent people and destroy the lives of millions.

Our government is working around the clock to solve the problem of terrorism in America. As a write this paper now, thousands of Allied military troops are being deployed to Kuwait. They are there on order of George W. Bush. (Powell: U.S. Allies to act on Iraq, with or without U.N.) Soon he will issue an attack on Iraq. Iraq is a country, which has been despised by America for more than a decade. They harbor terrorist and weapons of mass destruction. It is only a matter of time before we go in and destroy the evil regime. In recent news George W. Bush has been attempting to reassure the American people. He is saying that, “American will fight back against its aggressors (Dudley 65).”

In conclusion I believe that America is

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