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Grinch Who Stole Christmas

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The time arrives but once a year --

Chirstmas-time holiday with varying cheer.

But buying and selling and buming and parking

Spur movie mischievers in need of a larking.

There's snowflakes fallen and gently sprinkled,

With all the little Whosters' smiles frozen wrinkled.

Sleeping and shopping for five minutes or less,

Stopping a moment to see the Grinch and how he stole Christmas.

This dastardly deed won't make Zanzibelt wail,

This is a gift that won't fly through the mail.

For you'd be called names like suffering maroon,

If you miss this fable-ous live-action cartoon.

Maniacal, magnificent, magical and merry --

Driven through the snow by the one Jim Carrey.

Soaring through sets bent by fantastical fancy,

He's over the top, past the tip-top of Mount Clancey.

The tiniest of heart's tale is whispered and told,

But the green-haired shoulders break every mold.

There once was a boy by the name of the Grinch,

Rankled and ruptured! Punctured and pinched!

So his feet did move with speed and precision,

Finding a home made of garbage...his decision.

"Those people of Whoville and that infernal time of year,"

Said the man who ate glass with wallowful jeers.

But Whos are filled with spirits that sing,

(A little off-tune, but to good intentions cling).

The hoopla and crazitude centered on a girl,

Named Cindy Lou Who, Taylor Momsen gave it a whirl.

She questions each corner and scours for the answer,


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