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Home by Edgar Albert Guest

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The first line from the poem “Home” by Edgar Albert Guest which states “It takes a heap o’ livin’ in a house t’ make it home.” Shows that it takes a lot to make a place home. Once you find a place you call home, it will be hard to make any other place feel the same. It is 2008, and I am eight years old. I have lived in the same house with the same people, the same friends, the same school, and the same church. It was a small town and everyone knew each other. When riding my bike down the street people waved at you, people said hi, neighbors offered me popsicles, and friends offered me pizza rolls. It was rare when something happened out of the ordinary, but if something did the whole town knew exactly what was happening and when it was happening.

In my home my mom and dad shared a bedroom, my sister and I shared another, and my little brother got his. We had a dining room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and we even had a finished basement. The basement became our playroom and that is where my siblings and I often slept.

Life was great, I would wake up early go ride my bike and just wait for all of my friends to wake up. I was always an early bird so sometimes I had to wait a while. But when everyone did come out to play we would have races, water balloon fights, and kickball or baseball games. We were outside from morning to night. We would stop over at each other's houses and grab snacks if the neighbors already didn’t offer us any. Everyday was a new adventure and we were never bored, even on rainy days.

Sundays were the special days. The whole town attended church. I got to go down stairs for Sunday school and they always had the best snacks. When Sunday School was over we got to come back upstairs to our parents and we would sit through the general service. My church put on two plays a year. One of the plays took place in the spring the other one happened during winter. All of the kids got to participate in both of the plays. I remember one year I even got to play Mary and I was only 5. I was really scared because we weren’t using a baby

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