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Legal Issues in Hospitality

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The inspiration for our concept Hotel idea stems from the embodiment of the New York City luxury lifestyle. We have decided to build our project on the lot space of the current New Yorker Hotel located on the corner of 34th Street and Eight Avenue. Our plan is to tear down the original building and construct the new structure from ground up wile still retaining The New Yorker’s strong brand recognition. We have decided to newly construct the building structure in order to create a more modern structure that better fits the ideals of our design. In doing so we hope to have a complete project, interior and exterior, that meets the standards of superiority set forth in our vision of a loft-style New York City condominium-like Hotel. Our brand values and core mission will be to encapsulate the true feeling of what it’s like to “live” in New York, not merely “stay” in New York. In doing so, we hope to draw our target customers closer to our brand and loyal to our services and accommodations. In effect, we want to create an atmosphere of modern comforts, coupled with an air of luxury, relaxation and sophistication.

The target demographic market segment we are looking to capture is the luxury, leisure traveler as well as the business traveler. We are not looking to draw the family customer, but rather we hope to attract single guests or couples. We feel that the layout of rooms is better suited for this demographic. We are attempting to attract a guest that has yet to experience New York or a customer that has lived in New York and is looking to return to their former standard of living for their stay. We believe that our layouts and design features are best suited for these aforementioned clients.

Our hotel will offer standard rooms and suites that are designed to mirror this luxury loft-style apartment concept utilized in our design processes. Our rooms will be outfitted with hard-wood floors, white walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ultra-chic modern appliances and accessories that will embody the luxury loft-like feeling found in the New York condominium apartments. Some of the appliances and accessories we have chosen are a Bose sound system, single-cup brewing system for espresso, coffee and teas, flat-screen plasma televisions, and video conference telephone systems, just to name a few. We hope that providing the guests with these state-of-the-art amenities will further our brand ideals of an ultra-modern loft-like apartment. In addition to the physical features of the rooms, we will also offer unique amenities such as mini cheesecake bites for turn-down service as a replacement for the typical mint, as well as outfit our chauffeurs in New York City taxi like painted vehicles. We also plan on bringing in native New York businesses to operate all outlets of the hotel: spa, restaurant, gift shop, and cleaning services; all of this in an effort to draw on the New York City lifestyle.

Guest Room Areas

Other than

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