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Radley Balko - with Greta Power Comes Great Responsibility

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“With great power comes great responsibility.” That is the mantra of one of the world’s most popular heroes Spider-Man. Even though Spider-Man is not real those words his uncle, Ben said could not be truer, especially when it comes to how we choose to eat. Writer Radley Balko explains this extremely well in his essay “What You Eat Is Your Business” In his essay, Balko explains his point of view in the issues of how we eat, Obesity, government providing too much support, and the lack of self-responsibility in America. The points made by Balko personally resonate with me and have changed my way of thinking as well.

Obesity is a significant problem in America that many people have put idea about how to reduce it, including the Government, and Balko. In Balko’s essay “What You Eat Is Your Business” he writes about some of the ways the government has attempted to reduce obesity. He states that “State legislatures and school boards across America have begun banning snacks and soda from schools.” He also says that “Senator Joe Lieberman and Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown, among others, have called for a “fat tax” on high-calorie foods.” Contrary to these beliefs Balko says that instead of restricting things like junk food, the government should instead work on fostering a sense of personal responsibility in the people of America. I agree with Balko's point of view on this topic. As someone who personally is overweight, I can say that restricting foods is not the answer. In my experience being able to control myself, and take whatever consequences come with my actions has taught me much more as well as improving my life.

Balko also talks about how Americas health care system is also a problem. He says "Your well-being, shape, and condition have increasingly become a matter of "public health" instead of personal health." The issue of this according to Balko is that as a whole everyone is becoming less responsible. There is no need for any change if there is no consequence. "If the government is paying for my anti-cholesterol medication, what incentive is there for me to put down the cheeseburger." I could not agree with this more. Without any form of repercussion, it's tough to change.

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