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The ongoing Struggle for a Family

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The Ongoing Struggle for a Family

"The most important thing in a family is that all the people in it love each other."

This excerpt is from a children's book, written by Leslea Newman, Called "Heather Has

Two Mommies." This story is intended to show kids that not everyone's family is the

same. Many reasons are given to dispute gay and lesbian parenting but all founded on

some of the archaic beliefs that Hitler used to kill homosexuals during W.W.II, fear and

prejudice! Although having children and being parents seems like a basic human right or

choice, many people believe that the government should have the authority to

discriminate who can are cannot have children, regardless of their parenting skills.

Some say that it is unnatural for gay and lesbians to have children because they

have to go to such extremes to have them (Oppos ..199). It is kind of ironic because it

has become mainstream for heterosexual couples that are determined infertile to use

artificial insemination, adoption, and even invitro-fertilization, and when one of these

procedures is successful the couple is said to have had a miracle, while the gay or lesbian

couple is said to be fanatical. Lesbian couples may use sperm banks, or they may become

coparents with a gay couple that also wishes to have children. In these cases the child has

4 loving and nurturing parents instead of the standard 2.

Noom 2

Another opposing view is that all gays and lesbians are sexually promiscuous,

therefore have HIV/AIDS, and their relationships are not stable enough to have children

(Oppos..199). "Lesbians and gays love

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