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A Beautiful Mind by Ron Howard

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The film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ by Ron Howard is an excellent movie. It has so many features that make it a good movie. Russell Crowe is a very good actor and he perfectly portrays the life of John Forbes Nash. The story of Nash is so compelling and it draws you into the movie. This movie has a wonderful soundtrack that adds so much emotion to the film. In my opinion the elements that make this such an exceptional film are the acting of Russell Crowe, the soundtrack, and the story of John Forbes Nash.

Russell Crowe has been the leading actor in many feature films, but in my opinion this was his best role to date. Crowe is so real in his portrayal of John Forbes Nash that I actually believed he was the real Nash. Russell does an amazing impersonation of a man with schizophrenia and he expertly describes in his actions what it is like to live with a life altering condition. If any other actor besides Russell Crowe had played this role I don’t think that this movie would have been half as good as it is.

The story of John Forbes Nash is very inspirational and motivating. The way that Nash is able to deal with his disease is amazing. I find it unbelievable that even while battling schizophrenia

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