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Analysin on Bollywood Movie

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So Ashutosh, the director , had already won half the battle when he cast this awesome twosome as Jodha and Akbar. Aishwarya looks like a dream, something like she has never looked before: simple, pure and a princess in every sense of the word. Before I went to watch the movie my only concern was whether Aish and Hrithik would be able to shake off their DII image and get under the skin of these characters from the 16th century but right from the moment they appeared on screen my doubts disappeared. However the chemistry between the two continues from where they left off in DII. Watch out for the scene where they finally confess their love for each other...awesome !

Another high point for me is the picturization of the song “Khwaja”... it is my favourite song form the album and probably the best filmed song I have seen in a long-long time.

The producers have spent generously and the opulence adds to the charm of the film. The battle sequences are brilliant. For me the scene where Hrithik fights the elephant is a bit over the top as he looks more like “ Krishh” rather

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