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Bridge of Spies Movie Review

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Bridge of Spies Film Review

The film “Bridge of Spies” is based around a true story of the Cold War, having to do with a Russian spy caught in America, an American spy caught in Russia, a college student stuck in East Berlin, and New York insurance lawyer who went above and beyond to bring everyone home. James Donovan, an insurance lawyer from New York City is asked to defend Rudolf Abel, an accused Russian spy and takes to it in an unprecedented fashion so far as to becoming the second most hated person in America after Abel himself. All the while, Francis Gary Powers, a young American spy has crash landed in Russia and is in dire need of recovering because of the top secret information he possesses. Donovan is so successful in the outcome of Abel’s sentencing that he gets to the point where he is allowed to travel to a the Russian Embassy in East Berlin to discuss a prisoner exchange. While he is in Berlin he learns of, Frederick Pryor, a young American student that was detained by the Germans for no good reason and sets out to make him free along with Powers in exchange of Abel. The CIA team who is behind him in the exchange mission for Powers is afraid that Donovan has pushed his luck in trying to get a 2 for 1 instead of playing it safe. Donovan ended up proving them wrong with his strong persuasiveness of the U.S.S.R. and German governments, succeeding past all expectations in completely freeing his client whom he had drawn close in relationship with and bringing both Powers and Pryor home safely. James Donovan left the U.S. supporting public hated #1 and came back becoming public loved #1.

From watching this film I learned a lot about the inner workings of the Cold War and a great story of an American man that brought to heart definition of how great it is to live

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