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Christmas with the Kranks

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When their daughter goes away during Christmas, the Krank family has decided to not celebrate the holidays this year. But when she decides to come home at the last minute, the family scrambles to create Christmas from scratch where hilarity ensues.

Tim Allen .... Luther Krank

Jamie Lee Curtis .... Nora Krank

Dan Aykroyd .... Vic Frohmeyer

M. Emmet Walsh .... Walt Scheel

Elizabeth Franz .... Bev Scheel

Erik Per Sullivan .... Spike Frohmeyer

Cheech Marin .... Officer Salino

Jake Busey .... Officer Treen

Austin Pendleton .... Umbrella Santa/Marty

Tom Poston .... Father Zabriskie

Julie Gonzalo .... Blair Krank

Renй Lavan .... Enrique DeCardenal

Caroline Rhea .... Candi

Felicity Huffman .... Merry

Patrick Breen .... Aubie

Okay, if you've read the reviews and the comments, and seen the user rating, you probably are wanting to avoid this movie at all costs. But before you decide I strongly suggest you read this. First off, many of the negative critiques have a lot of validity. This is indeed a flawed film. It however has become very popular to bash this film. Many of the more outrageous complaints about it seem to have more to do with the fact that many people seem to jump on a bandwagon, and not only deem this movie sub-par, but utterly awful. Here are the things that are indeed true. First, the

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