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Concert Review

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Concert Review                        Toby Keith                                        Evan Padron

I went to the Toby Keith concert at Perfect Vodka amphitheater. There was a variety of people ranging from babies to grandparents there. I noticed there were a ton of different ethnicities. The stage was not decorated but they made use of the screens behind and on each side of the stage where they displayed videos, pictures, and live feed to go along with the concert. The artist was dressed simply wearing jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. People were taking videos and pictures of him performing with them singing along as well. It was a sell out because there were no more tickets to be sold. The sound was clear and focused mainly on the vocals. The volume was not too loud but not too low either it was perfect. The vocals overpowered the other instruments because the gain for his microphone was right before clipping. Most of the instruments were acoustic but amplified with a dedicated audio channel. The musician did some improv to salute the veterans that served the country and sang any song that one of the veterans requested. The improv that he performed was good because it showed patriotism and all the veterans seemed to know the song but other people didn’t know what song it was until the chorus came in. The band all listened to Toby Keith when he started singing they picked up on the song and when he would talk in the middle they would play and hold the bridge of the song until he picked it back up. The music that was performed were a lot of my favorite songs because it was off his new album and his new album was a hit. Toby Keith performed his originals and did some covers for the audience and came back out because people kept yelling encore. The audience got really involved in the music because they were dancing, singing, laughing, and drinking to it. The audience responded to the solos that the drummer and guitarist performed and most of them started to scream and applaud at the end because they did good because it wasn’t too long or too short.

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