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wqtwJust Plain Fat

Chapter one

Yes, today. Today was the day when I was going to tell Mar(her full name is

Marcia Jones) that I wasn't fat. You see my name is Bethany Robinson and I'm suppose

to be fat, I don't think I am. I think I am medium, that's what my momma told me.

There I was waiting for Mar to walk down the hall then I see her walking with her

friends. "Hey, Bethead. Why don't you exercise?" Mar says to me. "I do!" I say

babyish. "Well...I can see not alot," Mar says while her and her friends laugh. Oh, no

she didn't. I'm Bethany Robinson she can't say that to me. "You have nothing to say.

Too fat to speak?" Mar says a little louder. Okay now she is crossing the line. I was

going to do something I was seriously going to....but i didn't. That's right I just walked

away very embrassed. I could't have. I never messed with Mar. She had her people

and her people could beat me up. I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is

Bethany Robinson as you know. And I'm 9 and in the 4th grade. I live with my dad,

mom, two sisters and one brother. My younger sister's name was Vicki and she's 3.

My older sister is Kayla and she's 15. My brother's name is Matthew and he's 19. I

have quite a big family. I could easily get my brother and sister to come fight Mar for

me. But I wasn't that kind of girl, I wasn't that kinda of girl.

Chapter two

I walk home with my two best friends, Judi and Sam. Judi is a nickname people

call Judi. Her real name is Judisha. She doesn't let Mar call her Judi though. Sam is

also a nickname people call Sam. Her real name is Samantha. She doesn't really let


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