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Elastigirl - Movie Review

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The movie The Incredibles is a very good, family-friendly, funny movie, that is 10/10 recommended. In the movie, Elastigirl is one of the heros, and the mom of a great family. She’s a big hero in the movie because one, with the help of her family, she saved her city. Two, she saved her husband when he was in need of a rescuer. Three, which is the last but not least, she is a mom. Elastigirl is a traditional hero because she was victorious in battle with the robot whose goal was to destroy her town. She is really selfless, for example when she journeyed to save Mr. Incredible, her husband, when she wanted nothing to do with getting back in uniform, and going out to fight for the first time since she became a mom. She did all of this thinking that her beloved husband was cheating on her, and yet she still saved the day. Not only that, but after she found out that her kids disobeyed her orders, and came on the adventure to save their dad, she made sure they stayed safe, and she protected them. She also thinks fast, and has very good plans of action. When her and the kids plane blew up over a body of water, she helped make a boat, and made a plan to travel to the first area of land that she could spot.

Elastigirl’s hero’s Journey is quite a ride. First, her call to adventure was when she noticed her husband's super suit stitched up where it wasn’t when she last looked at it. That was when she first suspected something was going on, and she knew he was doing something that he wasn’t supposed to. Mr. Incredible told his wife he had to go away on a business trip, and when she called his work after she noticed the repair in the superhero costume, they informed her that Mr. Incredible had been fired two months ago. Elastigirl’s refusal to the call was when she went to Edna’s to ask if she stitched up Mr. Incredible’s suit. She knew her husband was back in the superhero business after seeing the tear in his suit, but she needed someone other than her thought process’ clarification. The moment that Elastigirl crossed the threshold was when she found out that Edna made a new super suit for Mr. Incredible with a tracking device. Edna convinced Elastigirl to track her husband, and with the prior knowledge that he was not on a business trip, she knew she had to go look for him once he was tracked. Before she decided to go searching, she doubted herself, and almost bailed on the whole plan. Edna called her crazy though, and told her that she had to go. That was when Elastigirl meet her mentor. Elastigirl had tests, allies, and enemies too. Her test was her husband who even though she said he could no longer be a superhero, did, and tested her patience. Her allies were her kid who helped her save the city and find their dad. Her enemy was Syndrome, who made it a challenge of meeting up with Mr. Incredible. Her approach to the Inmost Cave was interesting too. Once she found out that her husband was where he was, she packed, and left to go find him on a plane. This was a well thought travel plan. She chose a plane because she knew how to steer it, and when her plane got attacked, she had a plan b when she fell into the water. She made a boat and drove to safety on land. Elastigirl’s ordeal was after she rescued her husband, but her kids were waiting for her outside, and set of an alarm. Because of that, she and her family, got caught by the bad guy, Syndrome, and were held captive for a short period of time. Elastigirl’s reward was finding out that her husband was okay. Finding out that he was still alive, that her wasn’t cheating on her, and that he still loved her was all she needed to see. The

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