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Maren Morris - My Church

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Johnna Nichols

Kerry Curran

English 100 M/W

November 3, 2016

My Church

         Maren Morris is a very talented artist. Her song My Church is a piece of work that can speak to people. It is a song about her church isn’t about going to church but just getting in her car and driving. Many people have different forms of “church”, which Morris has expressed her way in this song.

         My first thought to this piece of work was of how much it relates to me and probably many others. Not everyone goes to church, but everyone does have something that they consider a sanctuary. Where they can find peace, and finds sanctuary there, but almost everyone does have something that brings them peace and helps them to work out their issues. Everyone has their version of church. For Maren Morris and myself its going for a nice drive with the radio playing. As she says, “that’s my escape.”

        In the first stanza, she talks says, “I’ve fallen down from grace a few to many times, but I find holy redemption When I put my car in drive.” With these lines, she is saying that you can find peace and be at ease at your discretion. Many people believe that the only way to redeem yourself is my going to church or your religious place, but that is not the case, you can ‘redeem’ yourself just by feeling at ease and doing something that makes you feel free.

        In the third stanza, Morris gives analogies of if she were at church, “when Hank brings the sermon,” “and Cash leads the choir.” Also, she wrote, “when this wonderful world gets heavy and I need to find my escape. I just keep the wheels rolling, radio scrolling.’’ It is about how when it gets too much she just needs a little time to go drive and listen to music. She just needs to clear her head for a little bit.

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