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Church and State

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Essay title: Church and State

Vanness, Mary

Second Long Paper

Church and State

October 26, 2006

The first phase of the first Amendment in the “Bill of Right” states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Then there is the Sharia law. This law is only in the country of Iran. Women under the Sharia law are treated very differently then women in the United States. These women are treated badly. The Sharia does not separate church and state.

The Sharia law is also known as the Islamic law. Clark Lombardi says Sharia means “the path to a watering hole.” (www.butterflies and wheels. com) Sharia is a religious code for living. The Koran is the Holy text of Islam living, in the same way the Bible offer a moral system for Christians. Most Muslims or individual under this law have adopted it to a grater of lesser degree. To me this is a matter of personal conscience, but can also be instituted as a law formally by certain states and enforced by the courts. Elements of the Sharia law have been adopted by many Islamic countries. For example, the governing areas such as inheritance, banking and contract law. The Sharia law is being opposed all over, because many feel it is barbaric or inhumane.

Anyone who believes in universal human rights should oppose to the Sharia law. The Islamic Sharia law states the way it opposes free thought, freedom of expression and freedom of action. If someone is born Muslim they are required to stay Muslim to the end of their life. No daily detail can escape the attention of the law. Intimidation, lack of freedom and ferocious censorship are undeniable facts of all countries under this law. The punishment under the Islamic law just might be the most unsavory aspect. Regardless of race, religion or gender human equality does not exist. For over two decades millions have been executed, beheaded, stoned to death and had their limbs cut off. Human rights under this law are absolutely and impossibly irreconcilable and antagonistic. Individual morality is regulated by the Islamic law. The sexual behavior and sexuality is something the Islamic law is very strict on. They do not tolerate any gays, lesbians or anything of the nature. If one commits adultery they are harshly punished because it is forbidden.

The Sharia law states women are inferior to men. With this they also do not have as many responsibilities as the men do. This is also in the book of the Koran. Women are not allowed to marry a non-Muslim although men are allowed to. In order to protect morality women cannot come in contact with men unless they are related without the presence of some male relative. This makes it very difficult for women to leave their homes and interact with society in a way. Islamic law has a way of completely preventing women from interacting with society and keeps them locked up, isolated in their own homes and unable to reach their potential. With the exception of the eyes, women are required to cover their whole body from head to toe. The law is completely against dress freedom. Obviously this is a huge infringement on the personal development of women, not allowing them to develop sexually and as people. It is inhumane to imprison women behind clothing when it is men, who cannot be trusted in controlling themselves according to Islam and Islamic law. Women do not have the right to choose her husband, clothing, home or travel. A young girl ranging in age of 9 to 13 in Iran can legally be married. This is another aspect of the Sharia. The husband has a legal, moral and religious duty to beat his wife, if they disobey. Temporary marriage is allowed when men wants to have access to a number of different women. Only if the man believes he will be able to love and relate to more than one wife equitably, including financial maintenance if pertinent. Be that as it may, I feel as though women are not given the same chances as the man. This suggests men are believed to be superior to women or in some way more powerful beings. This just proves the following statement. In the Islamic law, the men are the masters and women are the slaves. The wife must have sex whenever the man wants it. Also, the man can divorce his wife easily by saying it three times. Wow! I can not believe how violated women’s rights are under this law.

Here are three major cases in which women’s rights were violated. In a case against Tungartudu Hussein for instance, there was a question of gender bias raised, because her pregnancy was the main evidence against her. There were no efforts made to prove the paternity of the baby. Her pregnancy met the burden of proof for adultery. The man who was named denied any and all responsibility, so therefore, he was set free. These points support the suggestion

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