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Slelton Crew Reflection

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Reflection: Skeleton Crew

I loved Skeleton Crew. It was amazing play and taught me a lot about life and other perspectives. Skeleton Crew felt reminiscent of old situational comedies like Sanford and Son and The Jeffersons. If Skeleton Crew was Sanford and Son, Faye would be Fred and Lamont would be Reggie. Dez and Shanita would be the friendly neighbors. The realistic interactions and the upbeat rhythm of the show were amazing and truly unlike any other show I’ve seen before.

The rhythm of the piece was especially influenced by the dialogue. I went to see this with my girlfriend and we both commented on how the actors spoke with a almost jazz-like tempo that really helps getting the ebb and flow of conflict across to the audience throughout the entire play. During argument, they literally spit words out like rapid fire as though they were in competition. Light-hearted banter is characterized like a quartet with the dialogue is going back and forth, short, and quick-paced. My favorite scene was when Shanita begins to tell stories about her dreams. The entire room slowed down for this performance. It truly was breathtaking to see actors not only act, but create a dance with each other and the dialogue, through words and actions.

Since seeing this play and watching Antigone, I’ve started to notice the blocking

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