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The Double Standard

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The Double Standard

The 'double standard' of sexual behavior is the social standard that allows men greater freedom of expression than women. This has to be first thing that needs to be changed about the way we view sexuality. In any culture, the double standard of gender roles is intertwined with morals and values. Boys are treated different than girls as they become adults, and this translates into men and women who firmly believe in the double standard. This is a factor that has greatly shaped women's sexuality. Studies of gender differences have showed, ironically, that women believe the double standard for sexual behavior more than men.

Once again, we are products of our environments and if women are taught that they should be less sexual, they will behave accordingly. For example, a woman who pursues a man may be considered to be behaving in an unacceptable manner( often called a slut, tramp, or whore. Usually women are the ones who view these sexual expressions of other women as negative.

The challenge that faces women is developing an identity whil still balancing cultural norms. However, the answer to what the cultural norms is more unclear today than ever. The traditional family model has been loosening up over the years, especially here in North America. This has brought a change to the traditional family dynamic, where women seemingly have more rights and freedoms.

Socially, a woman displays great sexuality, yet she is expected to remain in a state of innocence. This is the contradiction. There is obviously a large sexual apparent in the clothing and make-up of today’s women in the media and advertisements. In the romanticized Hollywood films, there are colorful forms of various romantic scenes, accompanied by songs of love and passion. We have a very sensual and sexual culture, yet discussion of the obvious is almost considered taboo...especially for women.

Changing Our Views

Too often young adults hold on to the ideals passed on by their parents in an environment where those expectations are unlikely to be met. For example, in the relationships, many individuals place emphasis on insignificant concepts such as virginity, rather than more meaningful concepts such as communication, confidence, and healthy thinking. The importance doesn't lie in whether one has had sexual experiences or how many, but rather what the learning process was from

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