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The Meaning of the Light - Chicago Movie Review

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The meaning of the light.

The movie Chicago is a jazz type musical film full of murders, lies, sex and romance. Because the movie contains lies and deaths, the lighting that is used during the film has meaning for it. In the movie Chicago, the use of the lighting contributes to the idea that sin is part human nature.

The three point lighting is lighting that is used to control shadows using three lights; two are in front of the actor, one or each side of the camera, and the third lights comes from the backside of the actors. This is to make the actors stand out from the background making it easier for the audience to find the main character in the scene. When they are in the spotlight and the music is playing, three point is used to highlight the actor or actors that are singing. In the part where Vela Kelly and the other woman's with her are singing and dance in jail, they are killers because they commit murders. In that part of the movie, they are confess by singing who they knew it was coming and what made them commit the murder, all the while scenes are flashing on them as dangerous killers. The two main lights from the three point lighting are coming from the spotlights that are off to the sides of the camera and they are highlight Vela Kelly and other womens with her. The low key red light on them is used to give us a meaning of blood and death.

Low key lighting that comes from one light source behind or off to the side of the main character. It is often used to create deep shadows and has high contrast between the bright parts and the dark parts of the scene to make the scenes

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