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"in Time" Film Technique Essay

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In the film “In Time” we are brought into a new world where the currency is time. This peculiar currency comes with a price, If the time on your arm was to run out it will end your life. The director uses a variety of techniques for example camera angles and facial expressions to help craft the theme of oppression and segregation. Throughout the film protagonists are used to help build tension and to emphasize the main themes. The director uses a large range of visual and verbal techniques in combination to help enhance the tension during scenes.

In the first scene we are introduced to a vital frame that consists of a surveillance camera that is linked to a cage. The frame is shot using a low angle shot; this gives the viewers the effect that we are looking up to what ever is in the frame. This instantly brings power to the surveillance camera in the image. In the frame the camera is linked to a cage, the cage symbolizes oppression. When each of these aspects corresponds as one they are telling the viewers that all this surveillance is leading to oppression. The message that the director was trying to portray is how society can trap and oppress ordinary people just like us.

At the beginning of the second scene an effective mid shot is used to help craft the emotion on Rachel Salas’ face. We see that she is happy and are also able to notice the bright sign behind her with the company name “WEIS”. In the scene we can tell that the Bright sign relates to Rachel’s emotions. The brightness resembles her happiness and hope. After she is denied the bus ride there is another frame where the “WEIS” sign light shuts off. Which now symbolizes how her hope is dying down. In this mid shot we are able to clearly capture Rachel’s inner monologue and can tell that she is in shock. Once again the sign relates to how she is feeling, as it is now dark. This represents her lack of hope. The darkness can also be seen as a symbol of death. During the scene there is an ambient sound, which attracts the attention of the viewers, this lets us hear every aspect of the situation .In this part of the scene the director is trying to present the idea that Rachel Salas’ death is near. This part of the scene suggests Rachel’s future. The message that is shown here is how death can come upon us at any time and how we should cherish the time we have before it.

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