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Decision Making Models

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Decision Making Models

There are various decision making models that can be followed for a myriad of different situations and places. I currently am employed for an oil field equipment corporation. We specifically engineer and manufacture variable speed AC drives for electronic submersible pumps. With eight years experience on active duty for the United States Air Force as an Electronic Warfare Systems craftsman, my current job is rather boring and mundane. Military jobs allow people like myself the ability to learn trades and work with equipment that only engineers work with in the civilian world. While I am involved with some of the engineering and design process, my input is not as highly regarded at my current job as it was while I was on active duty. Many decisions are made for me rather than by me.

Recently I was asked my opinion on a certain situation at work. We were modifying an AC drive with telecom and control equipment. As we were building the first one many questions came up about how certain

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