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Rene' Descartes

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Rene' Descartes, also son of a lawyer, was born in France, 1596. He was one of Europe's foremost philosophers and mathematician. He developed one of the most credible explanations of the time in the fields of optics, cosmology, physics, physiology, and biology. Unfortunately after his death his teachings and writings were almost forgotten, overshadowed by the more advanced and modern ideas from Sir Isaac Newton. Despite this Descartes remains one of the most widely read thinkers of any age. Even though his scientific works were far advanced than any other scientist of his age, his philosophical works stand out more. His ideas about God, mind, and body were considered antiquated by the time of Locke. Descartes wrote Principals of Philosophy in 1644. In his opening statement Descartes begins to discuss the nature of human knowledge. "Since we began life as infants, and made various judgements concerning the things that can

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