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Psychology 1040 Essay Gender Difference

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Reflection Journal

Psychology 1040

        People all have the right to choose their own genders. Though it is easy for us to acknowledge this fact by just thinking, things would still turn out to be different and difficult for a lot of people when true cases happen around us. Most of the reasons for this happening in society is because the lack of understanding and consideration for people who are struggling with the gender issues. I hold my huge appreciation for Kasper and Sakura, who came to the class and gave the sharing lecture about their real life experience and thoughts of being transgendered people. There are more issues about the attitudes of how the society should think about the transgendered people ought to be addressed in order to let everyone fit in.

        Both of the talks from two guests were quite inspiring. The most memorable part of the sharing was when Sakura mentioned about her life after being transgendered. Though she knew it might be hard for people in her life to accept the decision she made, thinking about how helpless and desperate as a wrong gender she used to have, especially when avoiding looking at the mirrors and being afraid of taking photos, Sakura insisted her choice of being a female. She said that she each day has to put on a lot of makeup to conceal to be more feminine. Also, she cares very much about the way people look at her that she counts the people who stared at her each day and then compares whether today is more or less. Trying to practice the way of walking, speaking, acting, and even the sound of voice, Sakura puts so much more effort than people can image to make her life easier. The topic of which bathroom she should go to was cast by her that she asserted that if one people out of a hundred thinks that she has a problem of being in that bathroom, the person can literally call the security and take her out right away.  Even though a very small portion of the worry and hard life experience was shared, the extent of how hard the life transgendered people are going through is clearly shown. However, the thing is it is definitely not their fault to being through whatever. They just need to bare all the burden of choosing their own gender and they know they have to.

        Before the sharing lecture, I was relatively simple about the idea of the decision of choosing another gender. I thought that as long as you think you belong to another gender, which makes your life much happier and easier, just do it and also be thankful to your braveness. Obviously, things are much more complicated that even the the number of models of transgender is up to nine. Besides, if they decide to do a transgender surgery, they will bot be permitted unless with the approval from two specialists.The permission is dependent on the tests and counselling results from the specialists. Each step in order to be transgendered is tortuous to reach, which I have never expected before. On the other hand, the extent of the pressure which transgendered people have to deal with is much severer than I can image as well. Beyond giving up everything they used to have, they need to define themselves in a new way, which makes most of the people can accept. What’s more, Kasper emphasised in the end of the lecture that do not ever ask the transgendered people how they looked like and what the names they used to have, showing the high sensitivity they have and the eager of being treated equally.

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