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Bullying Journal - Psychology Essay

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Essay title: Bullying Journal - Psychology Essay

This journal described the nature of bullying and the reason behind why it happens. As the paper describes the many differences of between those who are bullies, and those who are not. This report also has a lot of vital information that was able to show why things happen the way they do in school, and why bullying is so common is grades K – 12. The journal was able to show many percentages and diagrams, which explained the report very well. It gave a better understanding and visual of what the study was all about.

This journal described the findings of many researchers, and were able to explain why things happened the way they did, and what was happening through out the years of children getting older. Each study had it’s own findings and each was slightly different from the other. These studies were focused on the incidence and prevalence of bullying. These studies also were conducted in a few different continents to show the difference in many different areas of the world. The journal was able to come up with a legitimate definition of bullying which was: “where bullying is the set of physical and/ or verbal behaviors that a person or group of persons directs against a peer, in hostile, repetitive and ongoing fashion, abusing real or fictitious power, with the intent to cause harm to the victim.”

When I first read this research, things started to make so much sense. I was finally able to understand why we had such people, and why they had to do what they did. It was so interesting to find out what was going on when I was much younger. The ideas were very intriguing because of how much sense was made out of them. It was interesting to see what each researcher had to say about the same issues. They were all the same subjects, but it was very interesting to see how different and same the answers became.

The one thing that I didn’t agree with was that such people actually liked being a bully and some were actually good at it. I didn’t agree that we even had a definition of people who were like this, and we encouraged the idea of finding a real definition, but I guess that we need one to be able to understand their so called “purpose” in what they were doing when called a bully.

I picked this article because of an experience that I had when I was younger, in my middle school years. This all happened when I was in school and had a best friend. He was the best friend until he found another guy who would make fun of everyone else. As we pulled away from each other, he even started to make fun of me, and I couldn’t understand why. This report made me understand why he did what he did, and made me understand what I was suppose to be doing to help the situation. Instead of knowing what I was suppose to do, I was just encouraging the situation by fighting back. I learned form this report what those who experience are suppose to do and not to do.

In class we have not done a whole lot of studying on this subject, but some of the information is starting to combine with this subject. Our studies on the family, and the presents of those who care about you, play a huge role in why we have those who are bullies, and those who are not. It is all making sense from the little bit that we have learned in class, and that little information goes a long way when connected to what I

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