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Zombie Essay

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Brittany Thompson

Dr. Trunzo

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology         

15 July 2017


                                                                  Zombie Essay

        Haiti has many secrets about their living dead also known as “zombies “Not quite sure if they would be considered zombies since the whole process is as an allusion of being dead. The process known as zombification was really put into play by ethnobotanist Wade Davis (150) Davis created this poison consisting of various components such as toads, sea worms, lizards, tarantulas, and human bones. Once substances are all mixed up the powder tends to look like black dirt. For the process to work it must be rubbed on the victim’s skin. It doesn’t have any effect on you instantly but within hours the person will feel nauseous and have trouble breathing. The person will be paralyzed and lips turn blue looking as if the person is lifeless.

           In Vodou, their practices are among different beliefs within the urban and rural society of Haitians. They serve their spirits by performing rituals, traditional rituals, created in Haiti. There is a widespread of people, sometimes individuals that practice by the lighting of candles and chants. Some people otherwise come as a community throughout Haiti, welcomed to a priesthood opened for both genders. There is a male priest known as oungan and a female priest known as a manbo.  Some were Baptist, because of the French law slaveholders have upon them. After declaring liberation, the catholic withdrew clergy from the new republic.  Even after the declaration of liberation for Haiti, catholism had a great influence on the traditional religion of Haiti.

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