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Filipino Essay

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In the second level, it sells the idea that anything in color white is beautiful and delicate. It is shown in the commercial when the guy asks the valet to take care of his car. We can see that even if it’s an old car model, just because it’s white, its value increase therefore it is worth being  taken care of just like a new car.

The comercial tries to advertise the product by comparing the car with us. That if we become white just like the car, we’ll become sosyal and classy. We’ll be socialites

The target audience are Filipinos and Status Seeker

These ideas support the typical perspective of a filipino. That being white pertains to being  beautiful. Because most Filipinos are brown-skinned, and we think that being different from other in a “good” way puts ourselves above the rest. This then leads to the attribute of being status seekers. Since we want to belong to a different category, we will  buy this product.


We, filipinos have this notion that skin complexion signifies social class. And in our country, fair skin is usually being associated with high social status.  Because, being fair skinned only implies that someone comes from a well-off family since he/she can stay home and doesn’t need to work long hours under the sun being burned .

And, this brings us back to the time of spanish colonization where the slaves were the ones doing the manual labor, outside. While, the bosses, the spaniards, the elites were the ones staying in their houses and commanding the slaves.

Even after so many years since the spanish colonization, we still believe in this notion. Filipinos  still have the desire of having higher social status by looking like them thus the presence of such advertisements.

The conyo accent. So what is the conyo accent? It’s a style of speaking where one mixes filipino with english.  And, most filipinos think highly of people who can speak english. Because it means that they are educated and they can fund their education. So people from the elite class are expected to be capable of speaking in straight english. “Dude make alaga my car ah.” Being said by someone who looks like the average guy makes it seem like he tries to speak english it’s just that he can’t. So rather than not speaking english at all, at least somehow he was able to Filipino with some little english In some way, he was able to get to the higher social class.

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