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Goblin Market

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Marjan Nemati

Tina Roese

ENG 101

18 October 2017

 Goblin Market

     ”Don’t talk to stranger, don’t go with stranger, don’t get anything from stranger, don’t believe the stranger.” All of us familiar with these sentences. We are all heard from our parents and we are all say to the children in our family or friend. Some kids are fainthearted and they never even look at stranger and some are curious about the result of talk to stranger. So these kids are not scare of strange people. We heard a lots of kidnapping or raped the child. These are the kids who they face with danger and they don’t have fear. Goblin market is a story about two sisters which they have different personality. Laura is curious about outside the world and Lizzie is more traditional and content with staying inside and her usual routine. Goblin market shows us how attractive things in the world can be bad and change our life but on the other hand we can use this lesson as an experience which is helpful lesson for our future. Goblin market defends of relationship between sisters that they don’t leave each other in the hard situation.  

     Two sisters hear the goblins men “come bye, come buy”.  Laura looks for adventure. She wants to satisfy her desire outside of her dictation faith from her family. She wants to experience by herself, she doesn’t want to follow her culture. She is curious about the truth of fear. She hear the attractive voice of goblin “come buy, come buy”, she doesn’t care about her sister’s warn to do not go close to goblins. Laura doesn’t see any danger on goblins, she wants to taste the fruits which they are symbols for sins. People in different situation in their life they want to taste different things which could be good or bad. Maybe they ban for do not do it by their religion, culture or even for some reasons they have fear to do that.

     Religion teach people after crime you feel guilty also you will punish. Religion explains the same way parents do with their kids. When kids do not follow their rules they have punishment. For example; time out for hitting the sibling and avoid of play and fun for whatever minutes. I remember I was six or seven, my mother sat up the table with different delicious colorful cookies for our traditional New Year. She worn to not touch before guests come, but her alert didn’t work that day because my desire to taste those cookies was strong. I punished for eating sneaky but my curiosity was satisfy.

     People get out of the track for different reasons; show their disagreement or only they are curious. Laura’s curiosity guides her to the market. She faced to the danger. She wants those delicious forbidden fruits which they are symbols are different sins. Goblins are the symbols of her desire. The goblin’s ugly faces are symbol for the people who instead of listen to the alarm they break the rule and face with danger.  She wasn’t agree with her sister that said goblins are dangerous. Not only she doesn’t see anything to fear from goblins but she sees fabulous fruit in their hand which her dream is eat them. She eats the forbidden fruit by exchanged her body for the fruit.

     The taste was amazing. Now she wants more. This is specific about the human, when human is done with something which was afraid to do that before, doesn’t make fear anymore so wants to do another time and another. For example; the person who is afraid of stilling something after mission is done she/he can do the second time with no fear. The fear is an ugly face of sin which after we face with it, it doesn’t look scary anymore.  Laura became ugly and weak after she had the fruit. This is her punishment. She punished by her believe. She knew that she shouldn’t go close to goblin but she followed her desire not her faith so this is the result.

     Laura’s moral and physical is similar to today’s definition of drug and alcohol. Society and family try to warn the people from drugs and alcohols but some people have a strong desire to taste of drugs and their curiosity about the feeling after use the drug ignore the warn. People who they addicted to the drugs, they want more, they do everything to get more. Some selling themselves, their children, their stuff or other their valuable things to get the taste more of it, but they won’t be happy and they will end up with ugly face and weak body close to die.

     Laura got the subsequence of her curiosity. Now she feels guilty about not listening to her sister warn. She is weaker than that she could help herself, she thinks more fruit can help her, but more fruit means more sins and more weak. Her sister Lizzie doesn’t blame her, although she knows the goblin market is against that her believe, but she goes there to do something for her sister. At this point sister’s relationship lights up in the poem. Those people have a sister they will more familiar with this point. In the darkness of life when no one is around sister is the only one standup for you. So Lizzie goes to the goblin and fought with all those sins. She asks for forgiveness for her sister. She back to her sister and says hug me and kiss me she wants to show love to Laura. She says to her I have an open arm for you. She wants to clean her guiltiness. She wants to show her sister although you ignore my alert, I’m not upset. Lizzie helped her sister by show her love when she said there is no friend better than sister.

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