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Islam and Christianity

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Islam and Christianity

Islam and Christianity have made a big impact among many people for thousands of years. Islam religion was started by Muhammed who was a merchant in AD 622 (McKay, J. P. 2014). Muhammed traveled many miles to fast in search of spiritual answers. Muhammed claimed he seen a vision which prompt the start of Islam religion. When Muhammed returned to Yathrib he claimed the revelations was from

Allah and the revelation became the core of the holy Qur’an.

Christianity was started by the followers of Jesus Christ the Messiah. Jesus Christ was believed to be the embodiment of God and was born a Jew. Jesus was around the age of thirty when he began to preach the word of God. Jesus never wrote his stories, he just preached his stories. Sometime later after the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, his believers continued on with his divine stories. Jesus’s believers assembled in small congregations discussing his messages and preforming rituals waiting for Jesus return. Later the congregations transformed into Christianity (McKay, J. P. p.179, 2014).

The faith of Islam and Christianity similarities are based on being born to a virgin, Jesus Christ acts of miracles, monotheistic, and the apocalypse. The differences between Islam and Christianity are the muslins belief Jesus Christ never died. Jesus Christ was born hundreds of years before Mohammed. Islam’s Holy Qur’an is the last revelation giving by Allah to man and the Bible is God’s word given to man. Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins and Islam believe Allah took Jesus when he died. Salvation for Islam is doing good deeds and Christianity salvation comes from having faith in god.

Muslims and Christians who refused the Roman laws was subjected to persecution by execution or torture (McKay, J. P. p.181, 2014).

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